Energy Management.

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The number one factor to the depletion of energy is Stress. She presents herself in a myriad of different forms, shapes and colors. It affects us physically, mentally, emotionally and sometimes… all at once. We always teach what we know, so I’m right there with you all.

What happens when you don’t manage your energy appropriately? We lose sight of what we are doing. We feel completely defeated, tired and not really inspired to do much. The majority of our time is spent doing things mindlessly; we neglect how we manage our time and energy. We often fail to notice where we allow ourselves to get depleted. It could be a job that’s not so great, a toxic friendship or relationship, not the right types of foods, too much social media, ‘comparison’ the number one killer of joy… and so on. Here are a few ways to begin to reset that flow of thought and energy back to where it belongs…

  • LISTEN: We have a tenuous relationship with our bodies at best. We have become so desensitized to feeling any type of emotion because we want to hit the easy button, meaning… not feeling the discomfort of some situation which can in turn cause a massive amount of stress. Your body’s job is to inform the mind something’s “not right” … we need to learn to trust our bodies to tell us when its time to So the first thing to do here is listen to what you body is telling you.

  • NON-ATTACHMENT: No matter what your current situation is, know that attachment is REAL. Yes, my friends it is, and it is responsible for huge amounts of contraction in your bodies. Notice if you are in a situation where you are not allowing the natural flow to thrive. If you are currently attached to a certain state of being, or if you’re really stuck in the realm of stress, guess where you are going to end up? Yup, you guessed it, in the same exact place. So instead, be open to the possibility of something new, or something ‘unknown’, practice non-attachment.

  • INQUIRE WITHIN: This requires a little meditation. If you want to stay exactly where you are at, GREAT… stop reading this. And continue on your merry way no big deal. But if you are struggling with certain levels of stress, there is something happening that is worthy of your listening. Mediating reminds us to ask, “How is my current situation serving my highest good?” … Ask it a few times and write down what comes up.

  • JUST BREATHE: This can be a cure all for many things, I guarantee you… if you are upset, or angry or stressed out about something, odds are… YOU ARE NOT BREATHING. We forget how simply breathing, can affect our overall mood and state, by allowing your exhale to be a little longer than your inhale you are engaging your parasympathetic nervous system, promoting a calm response.

Lastly, Energy follows thought… do you want to continue to dwell on the past? Or continue to project into the future? Energy follows thought, so be more selective with what sort of thoughts come into your mind, they affect everything around you. It’s always a choice, we tend to forget that we can choose to act kindly and react wisely. With Love, Rosie

Rosie Acosta