“Love, Gratitude, Freedom” a  PANCHAKARMA Retreat 

January 20, 2019 - january 24, 2019 



Restore balance and harmony in your life with a Winter Retreat that will take your through dynamic yoga practices, breathing techniques, and meditations focused on the the power of Love, Gratitude and Freedom.

Immerse yourself in a dynamic ritual of asana, pranayama, meditation, and yoga nidra. These tools will serve to help us achieve optimum health, personal growth, and transformation. Each breath is a gift, our bodies are unique temples, we will learn how to incorporate these modalities into every day life. We will nourish ourselves with delicious organic meals, connect with nature, and find space in a nurturing and relaxing environment in the Blue Ridge Mountains at the Art of Living Center in Boone, NC. 

Whether you come alone or with loved ones you are sure to return to your daily rhythm of life with a newfound sense of connection, inspiration, and deep gratitude for the life you’re living.

What You Will Learn: 

Sometimes our energy is unconsciously bound-up in one or more places. Through targeted yoga postures and special yogic breaths these blockages are released. The freed energy is re-integrated into your system with periods of deep relaxation or yogic sleep. You will be guided to explore your inner landscape, renew your total well-being, and expand your life's energy through specific practices geared towards healing.


  • 5 night stay

  • 3 abhyanga massages.

  • All meals

  • Consultations

  • Knowledge series

  • Virechana Day supervision

  • Pre and Post cleanse plans.


Sunday Retreat style $2295

Hotel style is $2495


Space is limited.