Rosie Acosta is a fireball and inspiration. She speaks from the heart about her journey from inner-city LA to being a yoga teacher and coach to famous people. What Rosie offers, with humility and grace, is the power of choosing our destiny.
— Devin Hibbard, Co-Founder and CEO, Street Business School & BeadforLife

Rosie’s talk and personal story inspired me to attend her yoga retreat. She is a person who has faced challenges that many of us will never have. She has taken what she’s learned and given it to us as a gift, her talk. I’m so grateful that she is willing to share her life with us. Her talk inspired me to keep being willing to climb forward in life even when things get hard.
— Thais Nye Derich, author of "Second Chance"

Rosie’s story and message are both inspiring and important. Her gift for forming an intimate and authentic connection with her audience will be appreciated by all.
— Dagny Scott, founder, Fearless Unlimited - fearless.is

Rosie is the real deal! She has an incredible combination of wisdom, genuine care, and passion for all she does. The amount of love Rosie puts into all she does is inspiring. She has impacted so many lives and this is only the beginning.
— Henry Ammar Founder, MakeItHappen.Life

Rosie is a clear, bright light in a saturated landscape, creating space for her guests and her listeners to land in their truth again and again.
— Elena Brower, Bestselling author of Practice You and Art of Attention

Being on Rosie’s podcast was like visiting an old-friend, even though it was the first-time we met. She invited me to her home with fresh fruit and tea, and we ended up speaking for hours, on and off the mic. I felt so supported and understood in the interview and her audience similarly loved hearing her story on mine. Rosie Acosta is an authentic leader that empowers people to define their own potential and I am grateful to know her in this lifetime.
— Sahara Rose, best-selling author and podcast host

Rosie Acosta is a distinctive and powerful spiritual teacher. She shares her own journey with candor and courage, and has walked a path that has left her with profound lessons learned. From the most heartfelt and generous place, she is now devoted to bringing those truths to others. She is the real deal. I’m thrilled that more and more people are discovering her and her work.
— Tara Mohr, author, Playing Big: Practical Wisdom for Women Who Want to Speak Up, Create & Lead